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Eating healthy food, balanced diet provides nutrients to your body.


Why Superfoods are Healthy Foods, Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle that every person leads, one of the main culprits is the kind of food that an individual eats.

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Where did the names, “Cacao,” “Organic Cacao,” come from? Cacao was originally given the name “Theobroma” by Linnaeus.


Why You should Consume Raw Foods, Eating healthy foods is vital. They are needed toboost your immune system so that your body will resist any outbreak of infections.

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Vegan Diets: Their Endless Benefits for Yo

Vegan Diet

Their Endless Benefits for You, The vegan diets contain raw and green foods. The program does not encourage consumption of animal and poultry products.

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Raw Foods: Natural Cures to Treat Eczema

Monday, July 13, 2009 @ 02:07 PM

Do you suffer from eczema on a regular basis? Are you desperate to find the cure to that itching, redness, and dryness of your skin? Have you tried lotions, creams, steroids, and antibiotics to get rid of this irritating disease yet nothing seems to work? Well, if you answer yes to all these questions, then it’s time you go for natural cures to treat eczema, one of which is by focusing on eating raw foods.

Why eat raw foods to treat eczema?

There are three significant benefits from eating raw foods to treat eczema. One is to provide greater resistance to that irritating disease, together with other skin allergies and problems. Two, it reduces the risk of illness and eliminates early signs of aging. And three, it allows you to experience true vitality and aliveness.

Raw foods like fruits, vegetables, and sprouts are known to have a marked effect on the B-cells’ function. These cells are the lymphocytes which have a big role in the humoral immune response, functioning mainly to make antibodies to fight against antigens. So in short, these raw foods boost the production of lymphocytes in order to enhance the body’s resistance to ill-health. By taking in raw foods, the body is supplied with good quantities of vitamins A, C, E, B, and zinc. This then results to a powerful immune system, preventing the body from diseases like eczema and maintaining a smooth and healthier skin all throughout.

But to fully treat eczema, rawfood diet should be done together with eating less of fast foods and other foods containing preservatives and white flour. Although these foods do not have immediate negative effect on the skin, in the long run, they’ll have. Skin degeneration is at work within, and so, sooner or later, you’ll experience having different kinds of skin disease, including eczema. This is also true when you continuously eat junk foods. Junk foods often include ingredients that can reduce the body’s vitality, thus creating internal biochemistry imbalance. If now you don’t experience anything unusual because of it, later on you will. So better stick to eating raw foods than processed and junk foods.

Consuming around 65% to 75% of raw food snacks will help you experience good health, allowing your body to self-heal and self-regulate on a regular basis. This, in turn, will make your body fine tuned to fight and treat eczema without the use of harsh chemicals and other skin care procedures.

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