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Eating healthy food, balanced diet provides nutrients to your body.


Why Superfoods are Healthy Foods, Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle that every person leads, one of the main culprits is the kind of food that an individual eats.

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Where did the names, “Cacao,” “Organic Cacao,” come from? Cacao was originally given the name “Theobroma” by Linnaeus.


Why You should Consume Raw Foods, Eating healthy foods is vital. They are needed toboost your immune system so that your body will resist any outbreak of infections.

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Vegan Diets: Their Endless Benefits for Yo

Vegan Diet

Their Endless Benefits for You, The vegan diets contain raw and green foods. The program does not encourage consumption of animal and poultry products.

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What is Camu-Camu?

This bush that is famously known as the Camu-Camu is actually a native vegetation from the Amazonian rainforest of Peru. It produces a fruit that has the exact same name. Moreover, its fruit contains strong phytochemicals that have health benefits such as leucine, amino acids, valine, serine and even Vitamin C. In fact, no other plant in the whole world has the exact same components in larger amounts.

With a group of healthy phytochemicals such as the ones that have been aforementioned, Camu-Camu becomes famous for its therapeutic effects. In fact, many of those who usually ingest Vitamin C in large amounts have started to take Camu-Camu instead. Aside from strengthening the body and protecting it from harmful pathogens, Camu-Camu is very energizing and mood-lifting.

In Asia, specifically Japan, Camu-Camu is very popular. Although it has not yet been widely used in the United States of America, the Peruvian Government believes that Americans will also benefit greatly from the bush’s effects once they have discovered of it and its health benefits.

A large increase in the demand for Camu-Camu is expected, which is why the Peruvian Government is currently starting to grow more by making the bush’s seedlings absolutely free of charge for the Amazonian natives. The rainforest dwellers have been given the task to plant the Camu-Camu and tend for them. Apart from helping preserve the Amazon River basin, the fruit’s growing popularity also helps the natives in maintaining their traditional way of living.

Planting and growing Camu-Camu is no joke. It actually takes four to five years for the plant to finally bear fruit. Although it takes very long, the benefits of the Camu-Camu definitely outweigh long wait.

What are the health-promoting effects of the Camu-Camu?

The Camu-Camu helps in adding strength to the body’s immune system and keeping the gums, skin and eyes healthy. A list of diseases and disorders has been created to enlist what illnesses the bush is effective against.

For instance, Camu-Camu has been tested and proven to be very potent when it comes to mood-balancing by providing nutritional support to the brain. Additionally, it also increases the serotonin level in the brain, which further indicates its mood-balancing effects.

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